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What does the Covid Traffic Light System mean for Living Springs?

Macpac Get’s It!

Macpac Get’s It!

Today we are thrilled to have Macpac on board as one of our Aorangi Sponsorship supporters.  Aorangi Sponsorship Programme encourages businesses to help fund schools from vulnerable communities to attend school camp.  The benefits of school camp is well researched and we see the positive impact of camp everyday at Living Springs. It has been shown that children who connect with the environment at a young age will make wiser decisions towards the environment as an adult.  Connection and engagement with nature, living together in a temporary community, taking on personal outdoor challenges, and having lots of fun are all reasons why camp is so important for all school children.  Macpac has values that align with Living Springs, supporting adventure-based social development.  They can also attest to seeing first-hand amazing positive outcomes that can be achieved through time in the wilderness, especially for those people who wouldn’t have the opportunity to get out there and experience true adventures for themselves.  This is what Aorangi Sponsorship Programme aims to do with the help of businesses like Macpac.

A big shout out to Macpac for getting it.  We encourage other businesses and companies to get behind their local schools and partner with the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme.  Help us to sow the seeds of hope for the future of our children and the environment.  Partner with us now.

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