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Aorangi Sponsorhip Programmne
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‘To engage with vulnerable communities within the greater Christchurch region, and to build the financial and practical bridges that make it possible for the children of these communities to spend quality time in a natural healing environment.’

Native bush at camp

The Aorangi Sponsorship Programme exists to make camp available to all and ensure that none of our children are excluded.

It also gives young people respite from the challenges that they may face in their day-to-day urban environments.

Seeing the value that participating in camps brings to their students, many schools consider their annual camp a vital and much anticipated event in the school calendar. With the help of the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme, schools who would not otherwise have the means to get to camp, will be supported and given these same life-changing opportunities.

Please explore our website to learn more about the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme and the difference we are making.


"The building blocks of self-esteem are belonging, learning, & contributing.

Camps offer unique opportunities for children to succeed in these vital areas & even beyond home & school.”

Michael Popkin, Ph.D. – Family therapist and founder of Active Parenting


The name for the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme was inspired by the Aorangi School project.

In December 2009, Aorangi Primary, which was a Decile 3 school situated in Bryndwr Christchurch, was closed by the Ministry of Education.

Before the school was permanently closed, Living Springs funded a final camp to bring the entire school community together for the last time. When the Aorangi students first saw the view out over Banks Peninsula during their bus journey to Living Springs, the students spontaneously burst into applause! For some of them, it was the first time they had ever seen the sea.

Aorangi Principal Stephanie Thompson made the comment following the three-day camp that “...this action, initiated by Living Springs and supported by a broad segment of Christchurch people, signalled to these children that Christchurch had not forgotten them.” Overall the camp provided these students and their families a great sense of healing and hope for the future.

Following the success of this camp, the idea of  the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme was conceived.

The Aorangi Sponsorship Programme exists to support communities that are unable to afford the unique benefits of the camping experience.

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Aorangi school


“At the end of 2014 our Year 6, 7 and 8 children returned to Living Springs for a three-day adventure... The opportunity to experience outdoors activities in a safe and controlled manner is one that is rare for our Aranui children.”

Mike Allen, Principal, Aranui Primary

The Aorangi Sponsorship Programme aims to support eight low-decile schools per year from the Canterbury region enabling them to attend a camp at Living Springs. Such a camp is a special opportunity for these schools and their students, that without the assistance provided by the Foundation, would be otherwise unreachable.

Any donation given to the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme will make a real, practical difference in the education and life of the student/s who receive this support.

The Maori name for Mount Cook is Aorangi or Aoraki, which means ‘cloud piercer.’

Your donation will assist the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme in its goal of assisting young people - especially those dwelling under a metaphorical cloud - to ‘pierce the cloud’ by coming up the mountain and catching a glimpse of life from a different perspective. As researcher Troy Glover states “camps are a place where children are celebrated and find the freedom and confidence to be their true selves.”

“Our students come from low-income families. The experience of the camp, and the outdoor education activities are some that they would never have had without Living Springs. Camps and outdoor challenges build student self-efficacy, confidence, and capabilities. These experiences are common for New Zealand students, but not for our students. The growth mind-set developed by these experiences is easily transferrable to academic achievements.”



St James Hosted for Third Year in a Row

Aorangi 2021

Living Springs has lots of exciting plans for the upcoming year. More about these soon. 

It is always a privilege to have schools stay with us through the Aorangi Sponsorship programme. We appreciate the strong relationships that are developing between the school communities, sponsors and staff at Living Springs.  It is a very rewarding partnership and one that is giving value and support to those who need it the most.  

Initiatives 2

Living Springs was happy to host St. James Primary School to camp this week. This is the third year in a row that St James has been to school through the support of Aorangi Sponsorship Programme. Dublin Street Trust has been a generous donor to this cause and has supported St James each year. Other companies and businesses have chosen to support school children from vulnerable communities in their area because they believe in the positive impact camp has on a child. Team-building, connecting with others and engaging in the natural environment all serve to give campers a great experience away from the normal urban environment they live in, plus great to have device free time! Living Springs aims to offer this special experience to all school children by making camp accessible to everyone. Help us with this by supporting the Aorangi Sponsorship Programme. Contact Michelle

Aorangi Sponsorhip Programmne

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