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What does the Covid Traffic Light System mean for Living Springs?

The Future of Learning Conference

The Future of Learning Conference

Living Springs management took part in the Future of Learning Conference in Christchurch in effort to be better equipped to journey with the large number of school children who come on school camp.

This conference was thought provoking and highlighted the importance of a vision for the future of learning.  Living Springs hosts over 5000 school children at the camp each year.  As a partner in their journey of learning, it is reassuring to know Living Springs is already contributing in a valuable way to this future.    James Hayes Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks, Pitsburg PA, proposed the future of learning must design for equity, prioritise human development, be transformative, lead with inclusive governance, protect student dignity and community well-being, play a role in social regeneration among other things.  Offering a place-based learning opportunity, Living Springs is a perfect complement and experience to counterbalance the predicted heavy technology-based educational direction of the future.  Engagement with other people, engagement with the environment and personal growth are all on offer at every camp.  Living Springs has been a long-standing iconic organisation in the landscape of Canterbury and will be part of the shared assets that will add value to the reshaping of Christchurch.

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