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Taking Living Springs Wellness to the people of Canterbury

Taking Living Springs Wellness to the people of Canterbury

Living Springs is launching its own wellness app which will have a positive impact on the residents of Canterbury.

App users will take part in an 8-week wellness challenge, starting February, during which they will have access to dietitian-approved meal plans, educational content, Personal Trainer-designed exercise advice and programmes, and a community forum to connect to others on the challenge. There will also be the option to start on the wellbeing plan, which means you have access to parts of the app year-round.

Living Springs has been in operation for over 45 years.  It is now more apparent than ever, the qualities that attract people to Living Springs are more than just the facilities on offer.  The opportunities to engage with nature, take time out from the urban environment, connect with people, eat well and have fun are some of the best things on offer at the camp.  These qualities will be reflected in the Living Springs Wellness App.  The Living Springs experience can be part of your everyday life with a diary prompting actions that promote wellbeing, as well as more focus through the 8-week challenge.

An additional feature of this app is the potential for fundraising opportunities for both Living Springs and other organisations.  This is something that could help schools raise funds or provide a way for businesses to invest in the wellness of their employees while at the same time supporting Living Springs projects and school camps.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: November 7, The Health Hub, 1005 Ferry road.  6-7pm.  RSVP

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