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International Motorcycle Trial returns to Christchurch

International Motorcycle Trial returns to Christchurch

The 31675834528 B932a46a70 O 44634051015 F79a482e5b O were held at Living Springs over Labour weekend with competitors from NZ, Australia and Oceania.  Hosted by the Pioneer Motorcycle Club in conjunction with the NZ Trial Championships and MNZ and MA, it was the first time for over 30 years that an international Motorcycle trial was held in Christchurch.  It was Trans-Tasman rivalry at it’s best with Australia narrowly taking the win over NZ.

MNZ Reports “The aim of the sport being to traverse difficult terrain on the motorcycle, without touching the ground with his or her feet, stalling the bike’s engine or otherwise failing to complete the set course.

With this branch of motorcycling, the emphasis is not on speed, but on fine balance, bravery and throttle control, with sharp rocks, slippery tree roots, treacherous creek beds and steep hills mere judder bars on the path for these bike riders.”

Living Springs provided the ideal setting and terrain for this competition with the event being successfully hosted at the Outdoor Camping Centre and making use of the rugged landscape.  The Australian judges were impressed by the stunning views, challenging landscape features and the perfect weather for the day.  Happy we could help make the event a success!

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