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Living Springs Making Headlines

Living Springs Making Headlines

We are thrilled to share some exciting news. Yesterday, Living Springs was featured on the front page of The Press, and today we had the honour of being interviewed by TVNZ’s Breakfast. The TVNZ team visited us to speak with our head ranger, Grant, about the remarkable work our volunteers are doing in conservation.

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This recognition underscores the significant impact our volunteers have on preserving and nurturing our environment. At Living Springs, we are incredibly grateful for the dedication and hard work of over 300 volunteers who contribute to our mission.

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique strengths to our team. From young teenagers who run our holiday camps to international volunteers who live with us for up to a year, from community members who assist with planting to businesses that bring their teams out to support our planting efforts—each volunteer plays a crucial role in our success.

We are proud of the collaborative spirit that defines Living Springs and are eager to continue this journey with even more people joining our cause. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped make Living Springs what it is today. Together, we can achieve great things for our environment and future generations.

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