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Camping has big opportunities

Camping has big opportunities

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Bex in Amsterdam catching her train

Recently our Kids Camp Director, Bex Joseph, returned from Europe where she attended the Christian Camping International (CCI) conference. Bex attended the conference as part of CCI’s global leadership program for emerging leaders, which is led by John McAuley from Muskoka Woods, Canada and Chris Mitchell from Lighthouse Leadership in Australia. This program is about growing the next generation of key camp leaders globally and focuses on leadership experiences, models and insights. It also facilitates camp leaders having conversations with others from around the world to give both a helpful framework and powerful tools to apply to the real life challenges and opportunities camp leaders face.

Bex has been selected to undertake this training alongside 24 other camp leaders from Africa, Asia-Pacific, South, Central and North America and Europe. Having so many cultures in one room made for a very unique learning environment and the course is a great opportunity for professional and personal growth, Bex says. “It has definitely been the best experience I’ve ever had in my life so far to travel to the other side of the world and learn with so many different cultures. It was amazing to see the differences, understandings and insights that each culture was able to bring to our training room during our course. I was able to connect with so many different people globally and have definitely made a lot of new friends. I can’t wait for Canada next year!

Now that she has completed her first training week in the Netherlands, Bex will study online via zoom classrooms until next year when she will head to Muskoka Woods, Canada to complete the course. At Living Springs we believe it is important to always keep learning and growing our leadership and we are proud that Bex is able to do this on a global level. Kids Camp is a big part of Bex’s role at Living Springs and she hopes this training will strengthen her leadership skills, as well as helping her to train our Living Springs leaders and other camp leaders in the South Island. Bex has a heart for camping and loves the camp community in Christchurch and New Zealand. She got involved in camping through her grandparents, Roger and Val Roxburgh, who are one of the founding families at Living Springs. Roger and Val are still on the Living Springs Trust and Roger loves to visit the camp to encourage the kids camp leaders.


CCI Global Leadership Program – Emerging Leaders


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