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What does the Covid Traffic Light System mean for Living Springs?

Visit us for a week, a weekend of even just a day!

Visit us for a week, a weekend of even just a day!

Community groups from all walks of life join us at Living Springs. Some come for a weekend, some stay a week. Yesterday the lovely members of the Rolleston combined Probus club joined us for a morning programme.  The club for retired or semi-retired people came to see what Living Springs is all about. We had a look at some of the activities the kids were doing. I think some of the Probians were itching to climb up one of those trees as well!

A walk over the property took us to Founders Field, past the Monorail and towards the lookout area. Our in-house historian Joseph Aldridge joined the group to teach us a little about the history of Living Springs. A morning filled with laughter was finished off with a good lunch. Another fantastic day at Living Springs!


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