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Our Mountain Bike Tracks are Open Again!

Our Mountain Bike Tracks are Open Again!

A massive thank you to the Christchurch Singletrack Club and the large number of volunteers who have worked hard rebuilding and re-establishing the track ready for everyone. The track includes the uphill climb “Totara Valley” (previously known as “The Pines”) which features our Forever Forest established by Christchurch Foundation and Meridian. The Forever Forest aims to create a habitat for Tūī to return to the harbour and Christchurch. Tūī are important seed dispersers and pollinators of native plants.



The track is riding great at the moment. If you are new to riding at Living Springs, the carpark is at the Living Springs Farm Park at Allandale, 2-3 km past Governors Bay. From the carpark, there is a two-way link up through a laneway and Kaimahi before you get up to the junction with the main loop in Totara Valley. The tracks are mostly intermediate, grade 3 but some of the descents have a few roots so take it easy on the first lap to get a feel for it.

If you are out riding, spot a Tūī and manage to get a photo of it we would love to see it!

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