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Living Springs Most Challenging Hour

Living Springs Most Challenging Hour

Dear Friends and Supporters of Living Springs,


These are unprecedented times and this is without a doubt the most challenging period Living Springs has had to face in its fifty year history. This letter is to update you on our current status and also on why it’s critical that organisations like Living Springs survive and continue to thrive as our city and its people look to recover and go forward together.

The Covid19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard and at this moment it is having a devastating effect on our viability and threatening our future. Camps and kids, laughter, excitement and wonder, these are the lifeblood of Living Springs and the reason we exist. At the moment it’s the sound of silence as all business has ceased and the camp has been completely mothballed for an unknown period of months. The way forward has a strong element of uncertainty about it.

At the same time it is extremely important that we survive with the ability to do what we do best as the city and its people recovers from this major setback. We are determined to excel in what we’ve always excelled in which is to be an oasis of hospitality, wholeness and wellbeing for the people of our region – in fact a Living Spring of hope.

David Garb of the Canteen organisation once described Living Springs as “a natural healing environment” and prior to Covid19 more than 12,000 people per year would take up residence here for short or long periods. Thousands of school children, multiple health groups, choirs, retreats and seminar organisers made Living Springs their oasis of choice. They were always the better for it.

Doing this together

We are determined to see that this continues however we need your help and we need to go forward together.  Stay local and consider us as you think of your next camp, field trip, retreat, seminar or event. We will exceed your expectations in hospitality and programming including our safe Covid19 practices.  We are ready to welcome you as soon as the government regulated safety levels allow us to accept guests again. If you currently have a  booking with us but are uncertain about the practicalities of that be sure to contact us. If you know of others who should consider Living Springs for their event – please contact us or encourage them to do so. We are ready for those who want to stay local. Contact us at

Other ways to help

  • Financial support of the Aorangi

This programme funds hundreds of children from our most marginalised areas into a camp experience each year. The annual fundraising dinner planned for the 19th March had to be cancelled at the last moment due to the rising Covid19 risk. These children now stand to miss out completely right at a time when they need it most. If you are in a position to help in a sponsorship way please go to

  • Positions of influence

If you are in a position of influence and are able to connect us or open doors for us at the moment please contact us – we would be hugely indebted. It is extremely important that organisations like Living Springs are here to serve on the other side of this event and future generations can come and experience this.

  • Volunteering

Our ability to pay wages is severely limited at the moment but if you have skills that you think may help us through the next period and you are in a position to work on a voluntary basis  please contact us –  we can at least explore the options.

In this hour we are more committed than ever to our core values of respect, inclusiveness and compassion and know that caring for the wellbeing of people and the environment we live in is best done together.

Stay strong Christchurch and if you are able to help in any way please be in touch.


Kia Kaha


Denis Aldridge

Wendy Duggan

John Donaldson

And all the team at Living Springs

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