Springboard Leadership Training Camp

We grow our leaders well at Living Springs and we begin by investing into the lives of young people from the first time they come to camp.

By the time they are 15 they have invested a lot of themselves into Living Springs and have become part of the community of young people that bring energy and add vibrancy to the camp. Impacted by the culture, the nature and the holistic quality of experiencing Living Springs, these young people are full of enthusiasm and are keen to share all that camp is with others. A high standard of training ensures they become top notch leaders.

The Springboard Leadership Training programme consists of two training camps held in June and December. Young people aged 15+ are invited to attend these camps. All potential leaders undergo a series of training workshops covering a range of topics and skills they will need for being a leader at Kids Camp.

Leadership skills are developed though team-building and adventure based activities. Plus, it is a great way for leaders to get to know each other and develop friendships. Leaders for Kids Camp and Trailblazers are selected from this pool of trained leaders.


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